Business centers compared: How we differ from other providers

Approximately 400 business centers (also called office centers) exist in Germany. The oldest among them is DER THÜNKER. Founded in 1985 in the former Bonn Center, we were pioneers for an industry which is appreciated today by small and large companies, free lancers, organizations and even doctors and universities: office and conference rooms which can be rented ready to use on an hourly or daily basis or also for several years. With desk, secretary, copier and coffee machine. Available at once, without relocation chaos, without trouble with the phone service provider.

But the market of business centers is huge. In order to enable you to make a comparison, we compiled what makes us different from other providers.

The greatest experience:

No other business center in Germany is older. "Office service with a system" was our slogan at the time. This still applies today: We don't only let offices, we offer a complete system consisting of rooms, service and infrastructure.

Flexibility of office space:

Unlike some competitors who let uniform office rooms the size of a telephone booth on a massive scale, we offer the whole range from an office room for one person to rooms with workspace for two persons and open plan offices up to small and big conference and training rooms.

Flexibility at rental:

Someone who rents an office room in the business center often doesn't have the time to look for his or her own business property. This applies for businesses in the course of formation or for short-term projects. As a business center run by the owner we are able to respond extremely fast - and thus offer our customers a professional access to the market within a few hours.

Flexibility in scale:

Many businesses in the course of formation grow very quickly in the initial stage, or they need additional office space for particular projects for a limited amount of time. No problem. Due to our many different office spaces - complemented with cooperations with the Bundeskunsthalle nextdoors and the Maritim Hotel - we help our customers quickly and flexibly. With us, you can grow with your economic success, but when needed you can also scale down.

Low costs:

When renting an office space with us, you don't pay brokerage - neither to us nor to third parties. Also there are no additional costs for staff or administration. Telephone, WLAN and office furniture are already included. You can move in at once with us - without further investments. This decreases the cost risk and increases the liquidity of an enterprise. All running costs are charged according to expenditure - you only pay for what you really need.

Short cancellation terms:

We understand that appointments may change at short notice, meetings may be delayed or projects may be postponed. You arranged a day office or a conference room which you don't need anymore? In such cases we offer very short cancellation terms and low fees compared to our competitors. Our customers confirm this consistently.

The location:

The business center DER THÜNKER is situated right next to the Bundeskunsthalle at the Bonner Museumsmeile, opposite the former government district, in immediate neighbourhood to the World Conference Center, to scientific institutes as well as political and economic associations. A first-rate location, easily accessible by car and public transport, a parking deck right nextdoors and VIP parking in our underground parking lot. With the railway station "Bonn UN-Campus" we have a station just around the corner.

Confidentiality and data protection:

We are specialized in confidential conversations in our offices or day offices and conference rooms. Tax consultants and lawyers use them just as coaches and recruiters do. Important personnel issues and prominent sales of companies have been negotiated here. Unlike our competitors we have our own incognito access via our underground parking lot, rooms with extra noise insulation as well as a separate secured WLAN for every room (VLAN) and a separate IP segment. This is the maximum data security available in a business center.

Modern technology:

In addition to state-of-the-art IT and telephone technology we also offer video conferences. This can be used flexibly in each of our rooms. We also offer telephone conferences for up to 22 participants, enabled by a special collaboration solution with additional microphones in the rooms. Equally outstanding are our presentation techniques with a mobile Sharp 80" Big Pad. Our customers use it to actively include participants during presentations, trainings and workshops and to directly integrate discussion results on the display.

Professional service:

A suitable office room or virtual office isn't everything. The service is equally important. Our staff speak six different languages. On request we can also bring other translators with whom we collaborate trustfully. Whether clerical work, catering, organization or technical assistance: we put a special emphasis on service.


In addition to our rooms, clerical and telephone services we are able to offer you many other rooms for events with up to 2.000 attendants with accommodation, catering and cultural program by means of cooperations with the Maritim hotel, the Bundeskunsthalle (art and exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany), with caterers and other partners. We can also arrange this directly at your request.


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